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Library will introduce a new library system this summer. Current loan and user information is automatically transferred into the new system.

Service break in Savonia-Finna in July

  • Because the new library system there is service break starting from July 2nd. Service break ends at beginning of August.

During the break electronic materials are...

Julkaistu: 11/06/2020 - 15:42

On Thu 14th of May you can place a fetching service request in the Savonia-Finna. We hope that you will order only the absolutely necessary material. 

We will notify you by email, when your order is ready to be picked up. The books are on the book trolley by your name. They have been borrowed for you. Picking service is for customers, who already have a library card....

Julkaistu: 07/05/2020 - 22:24

We received altogether 251 responses. Your answers and suggestions will help us greatly in developing our services. For example you have wished a silence reading room in Opus and now we have it! Room's name is Aatos and it is next to Exam room. 

On a scale of 4 – 10, library got mostly grade 9 ...

Julkaistu: 07/05/2020 - 21:55

If you are graduating or moving, you can return your loans. Otherwise please wait until libraries are open again.

  • Kuopio, Microkatu Campus: returns can be left at a return box at the A-lobby's coat rack just before B-lobby. Novapolis front door is open from 8am to 4.15pm.
  • Iisalmi and Varkaus: there is a letterbox in the...
Julkaistu: 27/04/2020 - 17:57

In these unusual circumstances, many publishers have temporarily opened their e-materials for university students and staff for free.

This list of opened e-materials will be kept up to date:


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Information Skills Training
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Savonia on yksi Suomen suurimmista ja monipuolisimmista ammattikorkeakouluista, jolla on kampuksia kolmella paikkakunnalla: Iisalmessa, Kuopiossa ja Varkaudessa. Savonia palvelee lähes 6000 opiskelijan lisäksi aktiivisesti ympäröivää elinkeinoelämää, joka mahdollistaa sekä opetuksen että oppimisen työelämäläheisyyden.